Build your elevator pitch, win in business and maybe take a trip too!

By Jean-Marc Claes


Elevator Pitch, do you need it?


What is an elevator pitch?

And do you need one?


As businesses were booming in the early ’60s and more highrise buildings were being built, busy CEOs would allow individuals seeking a job or cooperation to join them inside the elevator, taking them up to the office.


During this elevator ride, the individual was given the 1min ride-time to convince the CEO to provide them with another extended meeting to explain in more detail what/where/how to get the deal done.


Do you recognize the 1-minute time span you can get from your future clients?

What about being at a dive show and seeing people walk by your booth?

How much time do you really get to capture their attention?

Believe me, even 1 minute is a big deal!


So, how do you present yourself in 1minute or less?

How do you differentiate between your business and the competition around the corner?


In the post-Covid times, we have learned that the internet/Social Media has become the most important thing to attract people to your business.


But every user gets overloaded with content, images and more.

A single online search gives 10000’s of results, mostly articles, text, and pictures.


Be different, be faster, and be original!

Although going strong in the early 60s, the elevator pitch hasn’t lost its value at all.

Maybe we just need to redesign it into a digital format.


So, at ScubaBiz.Help, we recognize change within the dive industry and even more, we want to support dive


businesses, big or small, to reinvent themselves in order to become more successful.


How did your dive business do in the past 2 (Covid) years?

Can you use more customers?


Well, give this a try!


We are launching this project to positively support you and the energy needed to create a digital elevator pitch. Believe me, it will give results far beyond what you can imagine.


We at ScubaBiz.Help, we have found a sponsor, Pharaoh Divers in Egypt, that will reward the best Elevator Pitch entry with a complete free 1week dive holiday at their resort in Egypt, with unlimited diving in the Red Sea included (as well as Full board catering). You can even take a buddy along at a special rate (450$).


All you need to do is create a video that is a maximum of 1-min to introduce yourself and your dive business in a unique way.


Think outside the box and send it to us at info@ScubaBiz.Help


Here are some pointers:

  • Why would people come to you?
  • Why would they choose you?
  • Avoid words like ‘the best-the biggest-the most-…’
  • Be original/out of the box, as the world of scuba is your online competitor, not only the dive businesses next door!


What can you expect from ScubaBiz.Help?


We will use your video to promote your business locally and internationally.

Starting in January, our (online) dive magazine will feature the videos during the upcoming editions. In addition, our social media channels (FB, Instagram, TikTok) will show your Elevator pitch videos during the complete 2023, reaching already over 13,000 members.


What is in it for you?

  • You will create a unique marketing tool for your business and get worldwide business attention via ScubaBiz.Help and our partners.
  • Also, you have the chance to be awarded a one-week complete dive holiday in Egypt.


All this by doing what you should do, invest some time in marketing your business and get results by doing so!


The winner of this contest will be awarded and announced via our magazine in March.


The deadline for your submission is February 20th, 2023.


That should give you all enough time (holidays included) to come up with some great videos.


We wish you all creative energy and thoughts…

Surprise us and all future clients, but remember to keep it clean and respectful.


We wish to thank Pharaoh Divers/Roots Camp Egypt for their engagement and sponsorship. Check out their advertisement on the back page of our magazine and our website.


Thank you in advance for participating in this unique way to award fellow scuba professionals to invest in their future.

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