How to submit items for ScubaBiz.Help

Do you want to submit an article, announcement, or event with ScubaBiz.Help?


Submitting to us is an easy and no-cost thing that you can do! Below, we have created an outline that will assist you. So, if you want to submit an article, announcement, event or even an exciting industry idea, we are here to get the word out!


Please note that your work does not need to be perfect, as we will help you polish and perfect your submission and edit it into the space we have!


Below are guidelines for you to follow that will help; you are more than welcome to add or delete as you see fit. So, enjoy the process, and we will, like our name suggests, help.


Article Lengths and Requirements:


Photos: Where possible, send in a selection of photos. Some that are portrait layouts, and some that are landscape layouts. Some above water and some below. Try to get some photos with your scuba business logo or name. A variety is always nice for us to have for selecting.


Feature Article: If you wish to have your article be a feature article, please keep your article to a maximum of five PDF pages. Pictures are strongly encouraged to accompany a feature article as they help bring a story to life. In feature articles, we generally use three to six photos. However, feel free to send as many as ten so that we can choose photos that best fit the space or idea. Please let us know if specific photos need to be in particular places.


Typical Article: If you want to have your article be a regular article, please keep your article to a maximum of three pages. Pictures are encouraged to accompany articles as they help bring a story to life. The minimum number of photos requested is one. However, feel free to send more, up to a maximum of six.


Please note that sometimes, the editing staff may need to make changes to fit within the available space in the magazine.


Announcements: You can also make announcements on news, courses or events. Try to create your announcement to fit about a quarter to half a page. This way, there will be space for other announcements without creating extra blank space.


What do you need to submit for an event or article? Title, Author Name, for photos, who provided/took the picture to give appropriate credits. Also, if possible, who is in the photos? If possible, dates and the event theme.


Do you still need help? Then, contact us at Info@ScubaBiz.Help; just like the name says, we will help!

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