Letter from the Editor May/ June

Happy Anniversary from the team at ScubaBiz.Help! Wow, has it really been a year since we launched?


A year ago, in February, I retired from working full-time in the scuba industry. By March, I knew I still had much to offer and needed an outlet for business knowledge and experience. My wife, Kelly, always the wise one, suggested that I enjoyed editing a magazine and writing articles and really enjoyed working with Jean-Marc, Karen and Tommie. She said why not help others in the scuba business? Within an hour, we had our web domain, our name and our mission in 12 letters and a period. Yes, that is correct, ScubaBiz.Help.


Next, I phoned Jean-Marc and Karen and Tommie to pitch the idea that we could use our combined knowledge to help businesses and instructors in scuba with a worldwide focus. In less than half a day ScubaBiz.Help was born!


After only one year, we have so much to be thankful for:


  • Karen, Jean-Marc and I have enjoyed developing content.
  • We were able to share a series by Gene from the Dive Industry Association and look forward to his next series.
  • We have added Ryan as one of our regular writers.
  • Our guest writers have had lots to share.
  • Assisted dive professionals with building their businesses.
  • Becoming an ambassador.
  • Developed lots of content for others through videos, workshops, advertisements, articles, and so much more.


We went from three of us, Jean-Marc, Karen, and I talking and sharing to what will soon hit 20,000 plus people reading, talking and sharing!


I am truly humbled by the growth of our mission to help the scuba business through ScubaBiz.Help.


As we say, our mission is in our name: ScubaBiz.Help.


Is there a topic that you need to hear about? Or do you need personal assistance? We are easy to reach. Please email us at info@ScubaBiz.Help or contact us on our social media.


Please take the time to support our worthy cause. These services are at no cost to any scuba professional. Instead, we will rely on advertisers and those who can afford to send whatever financial support they can. Feel free to use our SUPPORT button to assist us in providing these valued services.


Yours in fun, safe diving, Bill Doran.


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