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By Jean-Marc Claes ScubaBiz.Help


Sharks and more? The Ultimate Shark trip, and you can join!


As ScubaBiz.Help, we are (also) there to help and see special projects rising to the surface. Our eyes caught sight of a project in the Maldives that stands completely outside any type of diving offered anywhere in the world.


Are you a shark lover? Then this has to be your thing! With a package of 5+5 days, we have put together the ULTIMATE TRIP FOR SHARK DIVING.


Together with our shark ambassadors, you will be embarking on this special Shark filled journey to dive with a multitude of sharks:

  • Tiger sharks
  • Hammerhead sharks
  • Whale sharks
  • Thresher sharks
  • Grey sharks
  • Black Tip sharks
  • White Tip sharks


And to top of the list, we will throw in some Manta Rays as well.


You can decide to join only the first six days or the last six days of our trip (see below) or join the complete twelve-day trip and get the full action package and the Ultimate Guide to Shark course free of charge.


So where are we going?


Dhagnethi + Fuvahmulah


Combo package of 8 nights’ stay and Diving in two islands.

6days/5nights Dhangethi + 6days/5 nights Fuvahmulah.


All-inclusive diving package


Package includes:

Shark combo package-02 includes:

  • Airport Transfer Dhangethi
  • 05 Nights stay in Superior Room (Dhangethi)
  • Full board basis meals
  • 12 dives (boat+shore) in Dhangethi
  • Domestic flight Transfer to Fuvahmulah
  • 05 Nights stay in Superior Room (Fuvahmulah)
  • Full board basis meals
  • 12 dives (boat+shore) dives in Fuvahmulah, including Tiger shark dives.
  • All transportation is included in the package.


Coral Reefs: Explore the vibrant coral reefs surrounding Dhangethi, which are teeming with colourful coral formations, including hard corals, soft corals, and sea fans. These reefs attract a wide variety of marine life, including tropical fish, turtles, and even occasional sightings of sharks.


Thila Dives: Thilas are submerged coral formations that rise from the depths of the ocean floor. Diving around the thilas near Dhangethi offers the opportunity to encounter large schools of fish, rays, and reef sharks. The channels between the thilas create thrilling drift dives, where you can ride the currents while observing the underwater spectacle.


Manta Ray Cleaning Stations: Dhangethi is located near some popular manta ray cleaning stations, where these majestic creatures come to get cleaned by smaller fish. Diving in these areas provides a chance to witness the graceful movements of manta rays and observe their interactions with the cleaning fish.


Wreck Dives: Explore the underwater world of sunken ships and artificial reefs near Dhangethi. One notable wreck is the Maldives Victory, a cargo ship intentionally sunk to create an artificial reef. It has become home to an array of marine life, including moray eels, lionfish, and schooling fish.


Night Dives: Experience the magical transformation of the underwater world during a night dive. Diving after sunset reveals a different array of marine creatures that are active at night, such as lobsters, crabs, octopuses, and fascinating bioluminescent organisms.


Tiger Shark Dives: Fuvahmulah is renowned for its tiger shark sightings, making it one of the few places in the world where you have a good chance of encountering these magnificent creatures. Dive operators in Fuvahmulah offer specialized tiger shark diving expeditions, allowing you to observe these apex predators up close with the guidance of experienced professionals.


Pelagic Encounters: The waters around Fuvahmulah are home to various pelagic species, including whale sharks, manta rays, and different types of sharks. Diving in Fuvahmulah allows you to witness these majestic creatures in their natural habitat. You might also encounter other pelagic fish like barracudas, trevallies, and tunas.


Underwater Caves and Overhangs: Fuvahmulah has an interesting geological structure, with underwater caves and overhangs that divers can explore. These unique formations provide a sense of adventure and offer opportunities to discover hidden marine life, such as colourful reef fish, crustaceans, and even small sharks that seek shelter in these areas.


Thila Dives: Similar to Dhangethi, Fuvahmulah has impressive thilas (submerged coral formations) that attract a diverse range of marine life. These formations are known for their abundant coral growth, offering a breathtaking backdrop for divers. You can expect encounters with schools of fish, turtles, rays, and other reef inhabitants while exploring these underwater landscapes.


Macro Diving: Fuvahmulah is also a fantastic destination for macro diving enthusiasts. The island is home to a wide array of small critters and macro marine life, including nudibranchs, seahorses, pipefish, shrimp, and a variety of unique and colourful reef creatures. Macro photographers will find plenty of subjects to capture in the vibrant underwater world of Fuvahmulah.


Are you interested in joining? We are taking a small group of divers on these trips to get the highest quality and best shark encounters.

The dates are:

26th November – Dec 1st: Dhagnethi (A)

Dec 1st – Dec 6th: Fuvahmulah (B)

Dec 6th – Dec 11th: Fuvahmulah (C)

Dec 11th – Dec 16th: Dhagnethi (D)

Depending on your preferred dates and space, you can book only A, B, C, or D (as a one-week holiday) or combine A+B or B+C or C+D (as a two-week holiday) or even more.



1-week package (A or D): 2450 USD excl international airfare

1-week package (B or C): 2750 USD excl international airfare

2-week package (A+B or C+D): 4900 USD INCL local airfare between the locations (excl international airfare)


For all other combinations, please pricing will be available upon request.

There is a limitation of 8 spaces per week, so if you want to participate, decide quickly!

Contact our shark ambassadors via email at:

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