Building a Scuba Community: Part Two

In the last issue, we introduced the idea of building a scuba community around your scuba business. The concept can assist any scuba professional in any region.


In part two, we will examine a particular idea that a club I know is working on.


After the past two-plus years of pandemic cancellations and other setbacks, this group wants to build their membership, course numbers and more. So, with their permission, I am sharing one of their plans with which I have assisted them. The idea may work for you, or perhaps it will inspire another idea for you. Either way, this is a time to grow and prosper.


Their goals:

  1. Keep current members involved and active.
  2. Attract old members to come back out.
  3. Attract new members from certified divers in their region.
  4. Attract new people to learn to dive.


While these goals are very general, they are also quite optimistic. Therefore, I suggest that they place numbers on these goals.

  1. Keep current members active with a renewal rate of 90%.
  2. Attract old members to come back out. Perhaps get 10 to come back out and be involved.
  3. Attract new members from certified divers in their region. Here let us look for 15 divers.
  4. Attract new people to learn to dive. Set a goal for 50 Discover Scuba, 20 Open water courses, and 10 Advanced diver courses.


How they are approaching achieving the goals.

  • They secured a weekly two-hour session at their local city pool from October to December.
  • They were fortunate to receive a generous donation from a supporting member that could be raffled off as a prize.


With the two points above in place.

  • They put together a draw where they sold a coupon or ticket to members of the community they live in. They promoted it as a scuba club fundraiser, where we are selling Scuba Experience Coupons (discover scuba or refreshers). The experiences include scuba and sports with the idea of attracting others on various interest levels. Check out Coupons were at one-third the regular price. With each coupon purchased, the person will have two chances to be awarded an ultimate Hockey Experience!
  • This plan raises funds for the club and awareness of its dive program with the idea of reaching the four goals listed above. Members, divers and others can all find interest in the fundraiser as it brings in the interest in the sport of professional hockey and then ties the opportunity of enjoying a scuba experience in the pool.

Yours in fun, safe diving, Bill Doran.

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