Christmas Photo Contest

By Karen Erens


Did you notice? It is already December.


It is that time of year when many people worldwide get excited about buying Christmas gifts for family and friends and organizing big family dinners.


At Scubabiz.Help, we would like to give you another reason to get excited this month. We are organizing a special photo contest this month, and of course, we will stick to the Christmas subject.


We would like you to think of the most original underwater Christmas scene, have scuba fun while taking the best photo of it and then send us a nice scuba Christmas picture.


Of course, the most original picture will be selected and rewarded. Please do your best to think of a funny, original, underwater Christmas photo, send it in an email to info@ScubaBiz.Help and post the picture on our Facebook page: ScubaBiz.Help Are you already a ScubaBiz.Help Facebook group member?


Join today. See the link on the front cover of this magazine. The winning picture will be published in the January edition of the Scubabiz.Help magazine. Have fun!


And to give you some ideas, we already had fun taking some Christmas pictures! Check them out!

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