Connecting The Dots

By Bill Doran


Looking at other businesses as well as your own!


What is it that people want/like and do not like?

In this article, we will take a “dive” into this topic by looking at other businesses that we all frequent before giving you a challenge that you can do to build your business.


Let us start by looking at some businesses I interacted with last week. In doing so, I will point out some great and not-so-great things and how they made me feel.


The goal is to have our customers enjoy coming to see us!


The first place is one that I frequent once or twice weekly and is my favourite café. This place is called the Salty Blonde Bagel. As I walked in the door, I received a welcoming hello, followed by a “Would you like your Cappuccino on the patio as usual?” Well, being a nice warm sunny day, I cheerfully said yes. How did I feel? Welcome and wanted. They always make me feel that way. In addition, they and I always go out of our way to say goodbye when I leave. Why do I go there regularly? The coffee and food are excellent, but that is not it. It is a welcoming atmosphere. So, what does this welcoming atmosphere do? In addition to going back to spend money, I keep introducing friends to their business by meeting them there for coffee. Yes, imagine that a customer brings you more customers. Wow, is that not what we all want?


Now let us look at another business, this time a healthcare organization. I was given an appointment for 10 a.m., as were many others. When arriving, there was confusion about where to check-in. Approximately one out of two people went to the window with the sign “Reception.” Guess what? That was wrong; the person at the window was annoyed with the interruptions. The correct place was a doorway with a sign hung high off the ceiling, and no one was nearby when you looked in. The waiting area was large and dull, with all the chairs pointing at two television screens that played approximately a 10-minute loop of dull information. I was there for over four hours and spoke to a few people for less than twenty-five minutes. How do you think that made me feel? Unwelcome, unimportant and the list goes on.


What kind of business do you like to attend? What kind of business are you?


And now, the challenge!


Over the next week, conduct an experiment. Start a note on your smartphone or tuck a pencil and paper in your pocket.


Each time you attend a business, make a note. On the note, type or write what the company is, what you like, and what you did not like.


After the week, take your notes and look honestly at your business. See which of your likes and dislikes your company is offering your customers. Then, change what you need to be the scuba version of the Salty Blonde Bagel mentioned above!

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