Following Standards Can Be Profitable

By Bill Doran


I was inspired to write this article as a follow-up to the “Just Say No” article. So many genuinely professional instructors are undermined by unprofessional people who cut or ignore standards to make a fast dollar or euro. If you look closely at these unprofessional, inexperienced people, you can quickly see that they are rarely, if ever, successful, and profitable.


Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself:

  • Are the charges so little that they are not actually making money?
  • Can you see that they have money to invest in good quality equipment that is well maintained?
  • Do you think that they are insured?
  • Are they taking the risk that they will have an accident and be criminally charged or sued?
  • Are they looking after their customer?
  • Are they genuinely making money or just surviving?
  • Can I define the word profit?


So, how do professional instructors and businesses remain profitable amidst these risky and unsafe people? Let us look at the benefits of being a professional who follows the standards and uses them to be truly profitable.


Maintaining a safe work environment is essential for any business. Our job is to protect employees, customers, and the public. But there is more to maintaining a safe workplace than that. Following safety standards can also be a profitable way to run your business. By implementing and adhering to safety standards, businesses can experience several benefits that ultimately lead to increased profitability.


One significant benefit of following safety standards is reducing workplace accidents and injuries. Unsafe working conditions can lead to accidents and injuries, resulting in lost productivity, increased healthcare costs, and even legal liabilities. By implementing safety standards, businesses can reduce the likelihood of these incidents occurring, which can help them avoid these costs and protect their bottom line.


Following safety standards can also help businesses increase employee productivity. Safe working conditions can help employees feel more comfortable and confident while performing their duties, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. Additionally, when employees feel their employer prioritizes their safety and well-being, they are likelier to be loyal and committed to the company.


Moreover, following safety standards can help businesses avoid costly legal issues. Workplace accidents and injuries can result in legal liabilities, which can be expensive and time-consuming to resolve. By following safety standards, businesses can comply with legal requirements and avoid costly legal issues that could negatively impact their bottom line.


Adhering to safety standards can also improve a business’s reputation and brand image. Customers and the public are often more likely to do business with companies prioritizing safety and employee well-being. If you look after your employees, then you look after customers. Additionally, businesses that implement and follow safety standards can earn recognition and awards that can enhance their reputation and differentiate them from competitors. These awards are incredible sales and marketing tools.


Following standards can help businesses compete in the global marketplace. Standards are typically recognized and accepted worldwide, which can help businesses sell their products and services internationally. This can open new markets and increase revenue streams, leading to increased profitability. Imagine how your customers would feel when they travel and have proper diving skills and credentials versus the opposite of the customer of an unprofessional who cuts corners.


You can use your safety standards in your marketing materials and sales tools to sign up customers for courses, equipment sales, and your maintenance department.


Safety standards can be a profitable way to run your business. By reducing workplace accidents and injuries, increasing employee productivity, avoiding legal issues, and improving brand image, businesses can experience increased profitability and success. Businesses should consider implementing and adhering to safety standards to protect their employees, their customers, and their bottom line. Use your safety and standards in your marketing and sales tools. If you need help, contact us at ScubaBiz.Help. One more point: when you are out in the world doing your purchases, be sure to insist on your suppliers following standards as well.

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