Free Diving

By Jean-Marc Claes


Teaching freediving is not ‘for free’ diving.


Why? Where? What? How?


Did you ever enroll in a freediving class?

No? Why not?

Yes? Did you like it?


As I currently live on a sailing yacht travelling the oceans, it is impossible not to get involved in free diving. Checking the hull of the boat, checking the anchor holding on the ocean floor, etc. But I must admit, I have been there before.

History brings me back about 38 years when I started my scuba career, and in those years, before even touching or looking at a dive cylinder, you would be trained in breath holding, static apnea, and dynamic apneas as if your life would depend on it.


Did it? Does it!


What is it that changed that we do not require this kind of training anymore before taking on scuba these days?


Was it too much in those days, or are we too easy on apprentice scuba divers now?


During my last meeting with our editor Bill Doran and his wife, Kelly, we were teaching a freediving class while onboard SY Blowing Bubbles in Curaçao.


As we were discussing the advantages of freediving, Bill mentioned that freediving was just not as big a thing in Canada. Cold water, limited visibility, etc.


Do you recognize the picture?

Do you agree?


Well, I didn’t.


Freediving has, as scuba diving, many aspects to it. Some people engage in it because of the workout, the physical part. Others love the mental part more, the relaxation, the well-being, and being in tune with your body and mind.


The unique breathing techniques give other options again, and the competition speaks to many.


Trying to bring yourself to the next level, to become better, more advanced. Teaching and practicing freediving can be perfectly done in swimming pools, shallow or deep.

Even cold, murky waters create possible locations for freediving.


And it is not “for free” at all.


Freediving is a perfect way to boost business. It has a low entry threshold. You could start by calling it Advanced Snorkeling to get people started. Slowly you can introduce the different equipment used in freediving by offering multiple sessions in the pool, ocean or lake.


You could be surprised by the many new clients you will find liking it, as well as you making a business out of it.


Freediving is also used to reduce stress, and in these current stressful years, many people are looking for ways to unwind. And not everyone likes to sign up for yoga classes. So, offer them freediving!


What are you waiting for?


Different training organizations are out there offering freediving instructor classes.

Some organizations only cater to freediving, while others offer both scuba and freediving options. If your current training organization does not offer freediving, look around, and you will find multiple options, even without crossing over to another organization or paying a lot of membership fees.


Access to multiple freediving courses is out there; just waiting for you to have a go at it. You will not be disappointed, and just taking a class yourself once, and a while will always make you a better teacher.

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