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Introduction by Bill Doran.


Did you enjoy reading the article called Scuba diving through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl? Well, she is thirteen now and has written us another article.


As instructors, we must listen to and articulate the correct message to the next generation of divers.


Thank you for sharing, Kristiane.


My underwater best friend

By Kristiane Lochert


Hi, this is the same person who wrote: “scuba diving through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl”! I turned 13 years old, though. This time, I wrote about my fish-best friend Puff!


I first saw Puff in a documentary on Netflix before I started diving. And when I started diving, I found Puff, and I was happy! So every time I dive, I look for him.


Puff is a Caribbean sharp-nosed puffer whose Latin name is Canthigaster rostrata. Puff can grow up to a maximum of 12cm and live up to 10 years! They live in the Caribbean, mostly in shallow coral reefs, but they can be found down to 40 meters.


Puff is an omnivorous fish that searches for food quite a lot! They mainly eat small crabs, shrimps and worms, but they have also been picking at invertebrates, algae and seagrass.


Puff has its own superpower. Like other pufferfish, it can blow itself up like a balloon and get spikes everywhere, and there’s poison in them!


The times I met Puff, and his family, they were shy, but once one of them came to me! I really like it when I find Puff because they are so cute and unique. And the fact that they have a place they like staying, like a home. There was one living under our port propeller, and it stayed for some time!


I meet Puff every dive, and most of the time, I find at least three.

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