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Article By: Jean-Marc Claes and the team at ScubaBiz.Help


Are you thinking of becoming a Scuba Instructor, an Instructor Trainer or Course Director?

Becoming a dive professional is a serious step forward and often time-consuming, not even mentioning the costs involved! During the last 2 (COVID years, many instructors have chosen another path of life due to the complete and worldwide shutdown of the dive industry. Now, with the world open again, a large number of scuba positions are open worldwide, with not enough instructors to be found anywhere!


So, we want to help the scuba world and create an international training camp, all as affordable as possible. Combining the efforts of a NAUI training team and ScubaBiz.Help, we are setting up a complete Instructor Training Camp at Bonaire. This Caribbean island is centrally positioned and has the best training conditions you can ultra-clear waters, calm and predictable conditions!


Time frame: October 1st to October 9th, 2022

What do we offer:

1) Instructor Course: price 995$ ALL IN (also the exam)

2) Instructor Crossover/Step-in Course (if you already are an instructor): 455$

3) Instructor Specialty Course package: 455$

4) Instructor Trainer Course: 795$ + Core package

5) Course Director Course: 795$ + Core package

6) Technical Instructor: price depending on which levels (on request)

7) DAN Instructor/crossover: 895$/455$


How do we offer this:

During the nine-day training camp, we offer complete training programs (as mentioned above), including flexibility toward diving. In addition, a non-limit dive package is included so you can enjoy the Bonarian clear blue waters and get some more out of this Caribbean visit!


Those of you choosing for the Instructor Course will leave as certified instructors (if all requirements are fulfilled, so there is no

need to go out and find an Instructor Examination (IE somewhere else! So this offer is really ALL-IN!

On top of that, we will offer a full range of DIVE SPECIALTY training, completely free of charge!


Teaching Specialty courses is NOT just about doing special diving; it is the opportunity to connect to your customers on different

levels and challenge them to experience and explore the area below the surface!

Many Instructors suffer to get Specialty Courses offered and organized due to a lack of training, marketing and promotion!


Let us change that for you, ScubaBiz.Help is there to help you become better at marketing, finding business solutions

and making money within the dive industry!


You can expect following Specialty courses to be addressed:

  • Nitrox
  • DPV
  • Night
  • Full Face Mask by Ocean Reef or OTS
  • Naturalist/Fish ID
  • Citizen Science Diver
  • Deep
  • Training Assistant
  • Wreck
  • Video (instant imaging)
  • Lion Fish Hunting (!)

Due to the warm conditions in Bonaire, DRY SUIT will not be offered, but if you want to meet Bill in Canada later in the fall, this too can be completed!


But there is more! What about marketing in general, social media and “How to”…

We will offer several workshops within the nine days so you can get better at “Doing and Creating Business”!


Who can participate?

Depending on the levels offered by us, it already starts at Divemaster or 4* diver level.

If you are unsure if you qualify for any of the offered courses, please contact us, and we will get in touch with you and see what is possible!


You can reach us directly by:


WhatsApp: +32492264996


Staying at Bonaire? How, what, where?

You can book your own stay in Bonaire using the multiple platforms that offer lodging in Bonaire. We can also assist you in finding & organizing your stay in Bonaire, in different price ranges, from B&B to hotels. Just ask; we are here to help.


During the nine days, we will have different group activities like lunches, barbecues, special local discoveries and much more, all INCLUDED in our programs.


What to bring to Bonaire?

Positive energy is the most important thing that you will need. A dive set is needed but could also be rented on the island, and a 3mm wetsuit is enough to fight the warm waters of Bonaire.


Flagship SY Blowing Bubbles

Sail yacht (SY) Blowing Bubbles is a unique designed dive liveaboard with an integrated dive center on a world circumnavigation tour to make stops in unique remote dive sites and set up and support projects like this instructor training camp.


You can join us in the many years to come in all areas of the world.

Find out more about SY Blowing Bubbles on:

Any more questions? Please contact us as we believe that direct contact is the best!

Don’t hesitate!

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