Letter from the Editor October

Last month, I was very pleased with people’s reactions regarding our articles. Thank you. We strive to continue bringing you relevant information to help your business. One conversation included a comment on how they could see ways to adapt one of the ideas to their business situation. Perfect news! The past few years have been hard on so many that we are pleased to continue to pass along new or different things you can try!


Please continue to share your ideas with us!


Next month, we will be at DEMA, and if you would like to meet in person, let us know, and we can set up a time slot. As always, you can talk to our team by email, phone, chat or video call to get the help you need. If you or one of your suppliers are interested, please get in touch with me, Bill, at ScubaBiz.Help. Our email is info@ScubaBiz.Help.


We welcome all areas of advertisers in the scuba industry: not only equipment but also destinations, live-aboard charters, environmental organizations, and agencies, to name a few. The first options of space and placement of advertisements will go to the current advertising supporters.


As we say, our mission is in our name: ScubaBiz.Help.


Is there a topic that you need to hear about? Or do you need personal assistance? We are easy to reach. Please email us at info@ScubaBiz.Help or contact us on our social media.


Please take the time to support our worthy cause. These services are at no cost to any scuba professional. Instead, we will rely on advertisers and those who can afford to send whatever financial support they can. Feel free to use our SUPPORT button to assist us in providing these valued services.


Remember to use Google Translate to get the information in your preferred language.


Yours in fun, safe diving, Bill Doran.                                                                      


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