Letter from the Editor December

Letter from the Editor December 2022


Over the past month, our seventh month, we were thrilled to approach hitting our one-year goal of having 15,000 contacts in one month worldwide. In fact, as of last week on Facebook alone, we surpassed 13,000. Thank you to you, our readers.


In this eighth issue, December, we are launching some new and very exciting items that will aid in our mission. That mission is to ring real help scuba leaders and businesses by bringing ideas and techniques that can assist them in learning how to make their scuba business succeed! As we say, our mission is in our name: ScubaBiz.Help.


So, what is new in this issue? Of course, you will read this issue cover to cover, but these three articles are new to ScubaBiz.Help:

Check out our Christmas-themed photo contest.

In 2023, we will start the ScubaBiz.Help awards.

We have begun the Elevator speech program.

Thank you to our sponsors for providing prizes.


Is there a topic that you need to hear about? Or do you need personal assistance? We are easy to reach. Please email us at info@ScubaBiz.Help or contact us on our social media.


Please take the time to support our worthy cause. These services are at no cost to any scuba professional. Instead, we will rely on advertisers and those who can afford to send whatever financial support they can. No matter the amount, small or large, it will build the scuba community. Feel free to use our SUPPORT button to assist us in providing these valued services.


Remember to use Google Translate to get the information in your preferred language.


Yours in fun, safe diving, Bill Doran


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