Letter from the Editor January 2024

The new year has brought with it some new items for ScubaBiz.Help magazine starting with a new article writer, Kenny Wheeler. For many people, Kenny is known for his vast experience in the scuba industry in many areas. One particular area of Kenny‚Äôs expertise is in retail, where he has run successful stores, worked as a manufacturer’s representative, and so much more. We are fortunate to have his expertise to share with our readership. Thank you, Kenny!


What else is new this month? Bigger photos. Simply more for your eyes to enjoy while you build and fill your mind with new ideas!


Next month, we plan to add another writer. We have one in mind, but you, too, could be the one. ScubaBiz.Help is always looking for ways to assist and grow the industry.


This month, we have brought together ideas on Internet sales, saying no to bad customers, and working with industry standards. Do these have anything to do with running a profitable business? Do these topics meet our requirements to help the scuba business to succeed? Be sure to read them and the rest of the magazine to find the answers to the questions.


We welcome all areas of advertisers in the scuba industry: not only equipment but also destinations, live-aboard charters, environmental organizations, and agencies, to name a few. The first options of space and placement of advertisements will go to the current advertising supporters.


As we say, our mission is in our name: ScubaBiz.Help.


Is there a topic that you need to hear about? Or do you need personal assistance? We are easy to reach. Please email us at info@ScubaBiz.Help or contact us on our social media.


Please take the time to support our worthy cause. These services are at no cost to any scuba professional. Instead, we will rely on advertisers and those who can afford to send whatever financial support they can. Feel free to use our SUPPORT button to assist us in providing these valued services.


Remember to use Google Translate to get the information in your preferred language.


Yours in fun, safe diving, Bill Doran.

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