Letter from the Editor September

Five months and five issues already! Hard to believe as it has gone by so quickly. A few months ago, a group of dive friends talked about the projected post-pandemic effect on the scuba industry and decided they needed to do something. That effect was the projected loss of approximately 35 percent of scuba stores and clubs. We had to act!


Step one was I came up with the name ScubaBiz.Help a name that clearly states our mission of helping scuba businesses. With the name came our mission – to provide business support, knowledge, and ideas to stores, clubs, charter boats, resorts and independent instructors. And offer it free!


Step two, create a ScubaBiz.Help team.


Step three, start the magazine.


Step four, start the workshops,


Step five, start the Facebook group.


Step six, help any diving business asking for assistance.


I am proud to say we have accomplished the above, and we have only begun!


In this month’s issue, we have introduced two new items.


Firstly, a new fun piece has been added. Ryan’s Movie and TV column will be a regular item in each issue. The column will provide you with personal entertainment and information you can use to talk to your existing and new customers. The second column will be a series that we assist you in building a scuba community in your area. Join our workshops either live or by watching the recording. The workshops are on the third Sunday of the month at 3 pm Eastern Time. Go to our workshop page at https://scubabiz.help/workshops/ where you will find the zoom link. You will also find the link to our YouTube page on that page.


Have you joined our ScubaBiz.Help Facebook Group?


Remember that ScubaBiz.Help will run an Instructor clinic in Bonaire at the beginning of October. In addition to instructor courses, we will run workshops on various topics that will be fine-tuned to meet the needs of those in attendance. Plus, we are looking at running one in Ontario, Canada, during August this year. More locations will be announced in the coming months. The Bonaire dates are filling, so book right away to avoid disappointment.




Is there a topic that you need to hear about? Or do you need personal assistance? We are easy to reach. Please email us at info@ScubaBiz.Help or contact us on our social media.


Please take the time to support our worthy cause. These services are at no cost to any scuba professional. Instead, we will rely on advertisers and those who can afford to send whatever financial support they can. No matter the amount, small or large, it will build the scuba community. Feel free to use our SUPPORT button to assist us in providing these valued services. Remember to use Google Translate to get the information in your preferred language. Yours


Yours in fun, safe diving, Bill Doran


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