Records And Achievements

Scuba Dives:

Deepest scuba dive: 1090 ft /332,35mtr by Ahmd Gabr (Egypt) dating 2014

Longest scuba sea dive: 142h 42min 42sec by Cem Karabay (Turkey) dating 2016

Longest scuba pool dive: 192h 19min 19sec by Cem Karabay (Turkey) dating 2011

Highest scuba dive: 6382mtr high by Erno Tosoki (Hungary) dating 2016

Largest group scuba dive: 2486 divers in Indonesia dating 2009

Largest group-chain scuba dive: 240 divers holding hands in Florida (USA) dating 2017


Deepest freedive: No limits (with sled)


Male: 214mtr/702ft by Herbert Nitsch (Austria) dating 2007

Female: 160mtr/525ft by Tanya Streeter (USA) dating 2002

Constant Weight With Fins:

Male: 131mtr/429ft by Alexey Molchanov (Russia) dating 2021

Female: 120mtr/387ft by Alenka Artnik (Slovenia) dating 2021

Constant Weight Without Fins:

Male 102mtr/335ft by William Trubridge (USA) dating 2016

Female 74mtr/243ft by Alessia Zecchini (Italy) dating 2021

Longest breathhold:

Without oxygen support: 11min 35sec by Stephane Mifsud (France) dating 2009

With oxygen preparation: 24min 37sec by Budimar Sobat (Croatia) dating 2021

Longest Distance Underwater Open Water:

With fins: 202mtr/662ft) by Stig Severinsen (Denmark) dating 2021

Without fins (pool):

Male: 250mtr/820ft by Mateusz Malina (Poland) dating 2022

Female: 207mtr/679ft by Magdalena Solich Talanda (Poland) dating 2022

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