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By Ryan Vickers

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This time we are going back to childhood. Cast your mind back to your younger day with KIDS’ STUFF.


Flipper. Children’s Adventure TV show, 1964-1967.


A simple show about a dolphin, the original Flipper TV series – more on that later – dealt with the adventures of Porter Ricks, his sons Sandy and Bud, and the neighbourhood bottlenose dolphin, Flipper. Each episode traditionally dealt with Sandy or Bud getting in mischief and featured Flipper saving the day. In addition, plenty of underwater scenes featuring lots of scuba diving were captured during its 88-episode run. You can find many episodes on Dailymotion or Amazon Prime; you can also pick up the entire run on DVD on Amazon. In addition, there is quite a backstory with the show itself and how the dolphins were treated; try searching “Nick Knacks Flipper” on YouTube to hear about the show’s run on Nickelodeon in the USA and how it caused somewhat of a revolution in the years to come.


Want more Flipper? This version might be the most fondly remembered, but you can also watch 1963, 1964 and 1996 movie adaptations and the 1995-1999 television series.


Dive Club. Teenage drama TV show, 2021.


An Australian production, twelve episodes initially premiered on the free-to-air 10 Shake television channel and made its way to Netflix in September of 2021. It tells the story of a group of friends named Maddie, Anna and Stevie who are trying to find their friend Lauren, who has, in theory, taken their boat, the Indy, out in the middle of a cyclone. Much drama ensues during the twelve-episode series, awaiting a second-season renewal. Outside of Australia, the show is distributed on Netflix.


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Until next time, we’ll see you under the water on the big or small screen!


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