Scuba diving through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl!

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We would like to introduce Kristiane Lochert. She is a 12-year-old from Norway that recently became a certified scuba diver.

We have invited her to be a guest writer for ScubaBiz.Help magazine. At ScubaBiz.Help, we welcome guest writers, and this article is an excellent example of why we believe in doing so!


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Scuba diving through the eyes of a 12-year-old girl!

I live on a sailing yacht with my family. We have sailed from Spain, over the Atlantic and to the Caribbean. We started our trip in November 2021. We are from Norway, and there’s not so much life underwater there. I got certified in July 2022 on a Caribbean Island named Bonaire. I have Open water and advanced certification.


I’m curious about the underwater world and the feeling of underwater breathing. I think the different shapes and colours of corals and the different types of fish are really weird but cool at the same time.


The movements of fish can be weird, especially how some of them just glide through the water. I also think the fins are pretty weird, but I like watching how they help with the movements of the fish. The colours of the corals and fish are weird because there are so many different colours, but then we can see what’s what. Their shapes are also weird, just all the different shapes of corals and fish. The see-through fish are really pretty, but I think it’s weird how we can see their insides.


I also think the colours are really pretty, making them unique in their own way.

The way some fish hunt is really interesting and cool, and the smaller fish becomes a big bait ball for protection. I have dived in a bait ball, and it’s really cool how they just swim around me.


I think it’s really cool how different types of sea creatures can interact with each other and work together.


I don’t really think much about the technical part when it comes to breathing. I think more about the feeling around me. I really feel like I’m flying around, and it makes me calm. I also feel free because I can just keep on swimming. I like the buddy system because it makes me feel safe, and even with the buddy system, I still feel free.


Certified or not?



I feel safe because I got certified, and you get more independence when you’re certified. You can dive with whoever you want to. I think it’s safer to do the dive course if you want to dive more.



You always have to have an instructor with you. And for some people, it can be hard to find a dive instructor. Also, if you haven’t dived with them before, they don’t know how you are in the water.


If you like the underwater world, you should get certified as well.


Kristiane Lochert,

12-year-old Scuba enthusiast from Norway.


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