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By Jean-Marc Claes


Did yservalou see last month’s article about ‘Discover Our Blue Planet’?


Many non-profit organizations suffer from a lack of funding but have the best ideas for nature conservation, the protection of endangered (marine) species, and so many more!


Discover Our Blue Planet was created as a solution to providing the means and financial resources to help these organizations in funding.




It starts by using the resources from those interested in developing higher-level marine biology courses. Next, offering these courses to people interested in that field, thus creating funding for that field. Finally, specialists in the specific field develop each course, creating a quality course for people to truly learn.


After some years of general marine courses offered by specific dive organizations, it was about time that some more specific and detailed courses were designed.


There will be multiple courses in multiple fields focusing on discovering our blue planet. Each course will also be available in various languages. Each course fee will create funding for projects in their specific field, thus creating a win-win situation: the registered students get a field-specific course, and the organization receives funding!


The first course designed by the Marine Biology Specialist inside the group ‘Discover Our Blue Planet’ is the ‘Ultimate Guide to Sharks.’




Maybe because this marine creature is the most misunderstood fish in the oceans and needs a lot of attention to change the world population’s view!


We also need to understand that these courses are never finished. There is ongoing research, but we must admit that we know little about sharks, their behaviour, length of life, where, what, how, etc.


The mission of Discover Our Blue Planet is not only to create marine-specific courses but also to keep them ongoing, evolving and dynamic. So, the scientists involved have chosen to use social media in their courses by having monthly updates, online conversations and discussion sessions with the involvement of all people that signed up for the specific course.


What better way would there be to get information back from the field of experienced divers, marine enthusiasts and all those people involved in the specific field?


Building communities like these help scientific research to advance faster and generates input from many different corners. That is what science is all about, not one rigid approach towards a problem, but looking at the many possible ideas and creating solutions by using and implementing them!

The Ultimate Guide to Sharks is an XXL version of what some people already saw in taking an existing shark course. The course takes you in-depth into the current level of knowledge scientists have on sharks. It covers the most interesting things you can imagine about sharks: biology, lifestyle, migration, reproduction, food, and more. All are presented in a very interactive way, using all modern technology combined with ongoing sessions of live interaction.


Monthly sessions are offered online to ask questions, share experiences and more! Just imagine having access to marine biologists in person to ask your specific questions without an end to it. By taking the course, you become part of the community and are all set to get involved!


“Getting involved” might be the best way to describe ‘Discover Our Blue Planet.’

It is not about donations; it is about a lot more, as money only will not get the job done! ScubaBiz.Help also wants to get involved and do its part; therefore, we decided to accept the offered

position as Ambassador for ‘Discover Our Blue Planet.’


ScubaBiz.Help as an ambassador will publish activities and research, we will promote the different communities and support the various partners. So you can count on us to spread the word and do (again) what is in our name: ScubaBiz.Help: Help the scuba world and the people in it!


Will you become part of “Discover Our Blue Planet,” and are sharks YOUR thing? Then, follow the link below and go straight toward the Ultimate Guide to Sharks!

Will we meet you next month in the live discussions??


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