ScubaBiz.Help Instructor Learning Workshop August

Don’t miss out! Come learn and grow with us!


Whether you wish to listen and learn or ask questions and receive information from other participants and us, our workshops will be a place where you can learn and grow!


Instructors and Divemasters from all agencies are welcome to participate; together, we are strengthened and can grow the scuba world.


Is Scuba Still a Man’s World”


Join us to see our adding focus on women divers can add profit to your scuba business! To be held on Sunday, Aug 27st, 2022, at 3 pm Eastern time.


This workshop will follow up on the article in the July issue of the ScubaBiz.Help magazine and the “Hot Topic Discussion” as found in our Facebook Group. During the workshop, participants can ask questions and benefit from the knowledge and experience of others.


Of course, we will not give you the answers but rather guide you through the facts and experiences of others to see what is best for you and your scuba business.


At ScubaBiz.Help we are focused on the worldwide market and not one region. Therefore our workshops will be live-streamed in a format that anyone can log in and participate in their chosen language.


There is no cost to participate in the workshop, so sign up right away as spots are limited.



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