SY Blowing Bubbles Announces Shark Weeks

By Jean-Marc Claes


The Adventures of SY Blowing Bubbles have been published regularly in the ongoing editions of ScubaBiz.Help. During 2021-2022, the yacht, on its world scuba tour, has been cruising the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean.


For 2023, the yacht will continue to cruise the northern Caribbean Sea and will visit the areas around the Dominican Republic, Turks & Caicos, the BVI (British Virgin Islands), Antigua, Bermuda and other more remote islands to offer their guests the best in shark diving (and lots more).


The crew of SY Blowing Bubbles has chosen this Northern Caribbean tour because of their ability to overcome the difficulty in reaching those areas when planning a ‘normal’ scuba holiday using traditional transport (airplane combined with hotel stay). Usually, reaching these dive sites will need you to sacrifice a lot of expense in travel time.


Once onboard our liveaboard scuba yacht, you will be in the right place and stay there during your planned holiday. You can enjoy all the dive possibilities you want and not lose valuable time daily in returning to your resort.


SY Blowing Bubbles offers private scuba charter for up to 4 persons in a Hyper Inclusive Formula. This means all the diving you can imagine, day and night, combined with food and drinks (also alcoholic) but even more: taking diving courses to all levels is FREE of Charge onboard during the charter as well as other activities like sea kayaking, SUP boarding, Wing Foiling, waterski/ wakeboarding.


You do not need to worry about your dive equipment! High-level equipment is onboard and gets updated annually to stay updated with the latest available dive equipment!

Are you getting interested?


Onboard SY Blowing Bubbles, the crew speaks up to 5 languages, so there is no need to consider the difficulty of communications. They are ready for you and your next scuba adventure!


They will guarantee you a very sharky adventure in 2023!

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