SY Blowing Bubbles: Tour in the Caribbean Sea

Article and Photos Provided By: Jean-Marc Claes


Launched on June 22nd, 2021, the “For Special Scuba Projects” adapted sailing ship SY Blowing Bubbles started its world tour. Starting from France (Europe) towards the Canary Islands (Spain) and the Cape Vedre Islands, then crossing the Atlantic Ocean towards the Caribean Sea in December 2021.


In 2022, they visited and scuba-dived all over the West Indies, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, Grenadines, Tobago Kays, Bonaire and Curacao.


During the 2023 season, we will offer a specially designed tour into the northern Caribbean Sea. In addition, SY Blowing Bubbles will be visiting many islands to scuba dive into the best sites the Caribbean sea offers. These include the whale season in the northern Caribean is on the schedule from January till March, exploration diving from March till May around the Turks & Caicos area and more to follow.


On board the SY Blowing Bubbles, you will always meet the owners, Karen Erens and Jean-Marc Claes, both from Belgium and multilingual (8 languages spoken onboard).


Karen and Jean-Marc are dive instructors ( Jean-Marc is also Course Director Trainer). They have been active in the worldwide dive industry since 1990, having experience and dives in over 100 countries, even organising expedition diving in the Antarctic waters. They offer onboard training to the highest possible scuba levels, on top of the daily diving for those who wish to spend a week (or more) on board for a private charter.


The sailing yacht can accommodate four guests in two comfortable cabins and carries all dive equipment, including 300Bar/4500PSI dive tanks and two compressors. In addition, an ROV or underwater drone helps to identify reefs and wrecks without losing precious dive time. On board SY Blowing Bubbles, safety matters: a complete medical kit, including AED, Oxygen, and so much more, is onboard! In addition, divers are equipped with Nautilus Lifeline systems, so getting lost is not part of the trip!


Kids are welcome, and the dive equipment is available in all sizes, even for the youngest divers.


Besides diving, we have sea kayaks, SUPs, Wingfoils and even a strong-powered tender that provides watersport possibilities like wakeboarding and tubing. So no time to waste during the surface time breaks.


Food and drinks are to International Standards, and a wishlist is offered to those coming on board!


Suppose you are looking for a unique experience in your private bubble or want to get trained as a scuba diver or dive Professional to the highest possible level of quality. In that case, you can contact Karen and Jean-Marc via:


You can also follow the adventures of the SY Blowing Bubbles via The Blog is written in English and Dutch.


ScubaBiz.Help is also part of the adventures of Blowing Bubbles. While travelling worldwide, we visit all possible scuba operators and help by offering special courses in scuba marketing, business support, dive safety, staff training, special dive techniques and more!


The Captains Log is published in the monthly ScubaBiz magazine that you can read and download on, so you do not need to miss out on any dive adventures onboard the Naui Flagship!


But even better, become part of the adventure of SY Blowing Bubbles and book your trip onboard. You will be surprised by the scuba adventures we will offer you!

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