SY Blowing Bubbles. Wow, It Was Our Turn!

By Bill Doran


For over a year and a half, I have had the privilege of editing and publishing the Captain’s Log and the adventures of SY Blowing Bubbles. So, for the first time, this article is not written by Jean-Marc or Karen but rather by me!


In November, my wife Kelly and I received an even more immense privilege. We were guests on SY Blowing Bubbles. To list all that we did and how enjoyable it was would take more than an article, likely more than a magazine issue. Therefore, I will keep to the highlights of our adventure.


We enjoyed diving, dining, and conversation during our time on board. Yes, I even learned to relax, which those that know me may find hard to believe. Although I have been to Curacao many times and even own a home there, I was treated to some dive sites that I had never been to, and they were terrific. In addition, we enjoyed an impromptu concert by a classically trained Violinist and met people from all over the world that have come to call Jean-Marc and Karen family.


We even found time to make plans for the second year of ScubaBiz.Help. You saw that in the article on our upcoming awards.


During our time, I assisted Jean-Marc in teaching a course to two incredible young boys that were so eager to learn and studied so well. I even learned a few new teaching techniques myself!


Reading the articles from SY Blowing Bubbles is a great way to learn better business ideas but being there is like an education all unto itself.


How do you summarize such an experience? Quality and extraordinary service. I hope that you enjoy some of our photos.

Yours in fun, safe diving, Bill Doran

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