What an Online Store Cannot Do

By Jean-Marc Claes


What can online shops NOT do?


Did you ever ask yourself that question?

Instead of competing on their strong points, which you will lose, find out the weak points and take advantage!


Organize a trial session on neoprene products and ask the supplier for support.


A trial session combines many advantages. Before you go by the following: the testers will just come, try it and then buy online…make them an offer they can not get online!


The answer is cross-marketing!


Propose a deal when trying (+ buying) a neoprene dive suit. Combine the suit with a practical dive training course (even in a swimming pool). People like to be efficient, and testing a neoprene dive suit on its own might not convince them to buy.


You could offer a course “out of the standard box.” Perhaps a course you might not sell too often or does not get the attention it deserves! Specialty courses can get that job done, or maybe a rescue specialty program.


Beating the enemy in its own game is fighting a losing battle. So, take the game to their weak points, research and prepare a plan of attack.


Don’t complain about things you can not change. Use your energy positively and invest in yourself.


For example: how to sell new fins?


  • Have your clients join in for a pool session of fin testing.
  • Have them bring their old fins.
  • Next, ask them to do some exercises like:
    • Pool length, fastest swim
    • Pool-length underwater swim
    • Pool length towing another person
  • Repeat all this with different types of fins!


Guess what: You have just completed some training exercises for the Rescue Course!

Add in one or two “surface” exercises, and you can credit them towards the Rescue Course.


Cross-marketing is not that difficult.


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