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The Dive Bus is proud to announce we are the new authorized Scubapro distributor for the island of CuraƧao.

Dealers, instructors and divers can check out our full line of Scubapro equipment seven days a week, enjoying the large variety of masks, fins, suits, BCDs, regulators, and so much more.


Do you need service? Our qualified SCUBAPRO technicians are here to keep you and your customers safe and in the water.


Whether exploring vibrant coral reefs or navigating mysterious shipwrecks, divers can do so with confidence and ease, thanks to Scubapro’s user-friendly and reliable products.

The Dive Bus and Scubapro are brands that actively participate in various conservation efforts, promoting responsible diving practices and sustainable product design. By supporting Scubapro, divers contribute to protecting the oceans they love.


For all your SCUBAPRO needs, sales, service and maintenance, please email us, call or chat with us on WhatsApp, or swing by and say hi to our friendly staff!


Mark Pinnell

The Dive Bus, Goetweg, Marie Pampoen, Curacao

(+599 9) 693 8305

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